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- Whole VEKAO!

In APRIL, VEKAO will be arranged in Sogndal. The days are filled with cultural experiences and various activities for the whole village! With daily events both at Studenthuset Meieriet and around the village, and with a wide variety of activities, you will find something for every taste. Both during the day and in the evening we have to entertain everyone, the whole VEKAO.

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Astrid Johanne Eskeland

VEKAO chief

VEKAO 2021 presents a new concept, VEKAO-unplugged. We want to create a festival that goes in step with the society we live in today. A focus on quality, safety and environmentally conscious choices.


We want our guests to go home with the best festival feeling. The concept unplugged means that we are embarking on a line of events that will be able to work for 50 people and up to our full capacity of 500. This should not be at the expense of the good VEKAO atmosphere. Uncertainty about how national guidelines we must adhere to in March 2021 is a fact. But that should not stop us from creating a festival where the student, the person on the street or those on the other side of the country want to take part.

We all have a social responsibility, and this year VEKAO has made a choice to be an environmentally friendly festival. In collaboration with the green festival of Brak, we have this year committed ourselves to this. This means that we wish to minimize our climate footprint in connection with the winding up of VEKAO. Various points that are important in the process are transport, waste, energy and purchasing. We encourage all our partners to take part in this process. Together we can be more resilient.

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What kind of benefits do you get as a volunteer?

Certificate of voluntary work

Possibility to reserve a table

3. Food and drink while at work

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Questions about Green Festival? read more here and here .

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