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Welcome as a new student!

Studenthuset Meieriet is the raw material around much of the social that happens in Sogndal.
On this page we want to inform new students about what Studenthuset Meieriet is,
what happens at the house and other practical information it can be practical to know at the start of the study.
If you still have questions after reading this, do not hesitate to stop by the board office, or to contact us by e-mail or social media.


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untitled-05715-HDRBilete av Studenthuset


In November 1998, the student house and concert stage Dairy opened its doors for the first time. Since the opening, several great artists have put their love on stage in the small village, and the Dairy has become a natural stopping point for artists on tour. Over the years, the students have had great concert experiences from, among others, Kaizers Orchestra, Karpe Diem, Xzibit, Highasakite and Nico & Vinz.

In 2015, the Student Society in Sogndal changed its name to Studenthuset Meieriet, which for the sake of order is the name of both the building and the student organization. The Student House Dairy takes its name from the building's use in the old days, when it was actually a Dairy!

Student House Dairy

Studenthuset Meieriet is centrally located in Fjøra, in the center of Sogndal. We have a very high chimney and the house is painted pink, so it should not be difficult to find.

The largest concert stage at the Dairy is called Tanken, it was where they kept the milk in the old days. At Tanken there is a bar, and above the bar is the Gallery, where you can enjoy first-class views of the stage. In addition to the bars at Tanken and at Galleriet, we have Laben, where the dairy laboratory was located, which is also useful as a café. Furthermore, there are meeting rooms, rehearsal rooms for bands and multi-purpose rooms that are filled with choir, drama, podcasts and other activities every week. 

Do you want to book premises at Studenthuset Meieiret? Send an email to daily camp at


It pays to be a member of Studenthuset Meieriet! After just a few events, you will save on that membership fee, and you will have the opportunity to get involved in the house.

As a member of Studenthuset Meieriet, you have several benefits. Among other things, discounted tickets to most events, voting rights at the general meeting, the opportunity to get involved in various subgroups and access to fun internal events. Read more about membership benefits here.

The membership follows the semester at HVL and lasts for a whole year, from August to June, or for one semester. This means that you work at one of Studenthuset Meieriet's events, in a good spirit, and become part of the operation of the house for one night. Read more about Dairy Watch below. Membership costs  NOK 200 for one semester and NOK 300 for an entire school year. Full-year membership costs NOK 250 if one buys it before the start of studies in August.

To register for membership, click here .


Studenthuset Meieriet is run by students at HVL, and the whole thing is organized into subgroups. Whether it is Sound and Light, Bar and Guard, Dance, Meiopodden or Caretaker, you will find something that suits you. Being an active member of a subgroup offers a number of benefits. You get discounted tickets, active discounts at the bar, access to internal events, you become part of an active social environment and have a lot of fun!

If you want to get involved, you can tell our subgroup owners. The emails can be found here.


Studenthuset Meieriet sells online tickets on, on its Facebook page and on LinTicket's app. All tickets are equipped with a unique barcode that is scanned and checked when you arrive at the door. Tickets can also be purchased at the Board Office on the second floor of the Student House Dairy. A member of Studenthuset Meieriet gets a discounted admission to all events except Kviss.

Member guard

As a member of the dairy, you are obliged to participate in one to two member guards during the year. This means that you work at one of the Student House Dairy's events, in a good spirit of service, and become part of the operation of the house. The dairy's event would not have been possible without the help of our members. This evening you work for the others who are out, while the others will work the next time you go to a party.


VEKAO in Sogndal is created on a voluntary basis by students at Høgskulen på Vestlandet, campus Sogndal, and engaged from the local population in Sogndal.

For ten days to the end, the juice village of Sogndal is transformed into a firework of cultural experiences! With daily events at Studenthuset Meieriet and a wide variety of activities in the local area, you will find something for every taste. During the day you can take part in everything from beer courses to swing courses, multisport, skiing and ice swimming, and in the evenings the Dairy is filled to the brim when both Norwegian and international artists create fantastic life on stage!

General Assembly

Every spring, Studenthuset Meieriet arranges a general meeting. All members have the right to speak and vote at the general meeting, and the opportunity to stand for election.

At the general meeting, Studenthuset Meieriet's members are informed about the operation of the organization as well as control and influence the operation. At the general meeting, changes can also be made to our articles of association. Everyone is encouraged to attend the general meeting and to stand for election if one wishes to contribute! For more information about the general meeting, take a look at our page about the general meeting and other articles of association here.

The sponsorship weeks

As a new student, you become part of a study-sponsored sponsor group with a 2nd or 3rd year student as your sponsor. There will be various social gatherings for the sponsor group, and larger gatherings for all new students, including concerts, theme parties and day events at the Dairy. We encourage you to take part in much of what happens in the sponsor group and sponsor week, so that you quickly get to know others!

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