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What is a member guard and why should I have a member guard?

As a member of the Dairy, you are obliged to participate in one or two member guards during the year, a maximum of one per semester. This means that you are working on an event, together with the volunteers at the house and other member guards. The dairy's event would not have been possible without the help of our members. This evening you work for the others who are out, while the others will work the next time you go out.  

When should I have a member guard?

One to two weeks before your member shift, you will receive an SMS with information about when we want you to work. If you want to work on a specific date, you can send an e-mail to


I have been put on a membership watch, but it does not fit. What do I do? 

If the date does not match, you can send an e-mail to Feel free to come up with suggestions for a new date. Sometimes it takes a while before we can remove you from the system. If you receive a message reminding you that you have been put on duty after you have notified the member responsible, you can simply ignore the message.  


What does a typical member guard look like?

Member guard is very nice! You will meet new people and try yourself as a guard or at the bar, there are snacks along the way and pizza at the end of the evening.  

A typical member guard can look like this

  • Attendance at the Lab at the Dairy. Here you meet the rest of the gang that will work with you this evening. There is coffee, talk and fun, the work tasks for the evening are distributed and you get good training in what to do.

  • The doors open. Everyone is in place at their post office.

  • Snacks along the way. If you are a patrol officer, you get to stand in several places during the evening. 

  • The house closes, the last guests go for the evening and everyone helps to clean. Afterwards, there is food and drink for everyone who has worked and you can wander home.  

The tasks one can choose from vary. Some typical tasks are doorman, scan tickets and stamp in the entrance, stand in the locker room, be a rover or bartender. If you have any questions along the way, you can always ask the security guards or some of the other active members of the house.

We have adapted our work routines to the infection situation so that it will be easier to keep a distance from both guests and the others who are at work. It is only a matter of contacting daily camper Christina Kolbu ( if you have any questions. or want to know more about our infection control routines.  

We look forward to meeting you on member duty!

Contact me!


Chris Kenneth Gudmundson

Member responsible
Study: Real Estate

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