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Studenthuset Meieriet is a nightclub, a concert stage and runs activities such as music, dance, role-playing, photography and podcasting. To achieve all this, we are organized into various subgroups run by volunteers.

A membership at the Dairy is an ingenious opportunity to meet new friends, try new activities and to give something back to your student community!

Some of our members have major responsibilities. For example, the finance manager on the board, the VEKAO manager and the security chief. Others have smaller tasks or work voluntarily at events, including in the bar or in the sound booth. There are also many who join just for fun, for example in the band group or role-playing group.  

As a member of the Dairy, you also have several other benefits:

  • Free entrance or membership price at all our events

  • Voting rights at the General Assembly, which is the highest body in the organization

  • Offers and discounts at our partners

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