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At Studenthuset Meieriet


Studenthuset Meieriet has an age limit of 18 at all events, unless otherwise stated. Persons under the age of 18 can participate in the event if they have a guardian over the age of 25 with them who has completed a guardianship form. By completing the guardianship form, the guardian undertakes to take responsibility for the under-18s not consuming alcohol at the event. Nor can the guardian enjoy alcohol before or after the event. A guardian can be responsible for two persons under the age of 18. 

Send email priorof the event, to be sent a guardianship form by e-mail or to be given a guardianship form on arrival. Only the daycare manager can decide who can be the guardian. 


The e-mail must also provide information aboutkven (name, age, possibly role, e.g. mother/father) who will be guardian and who under 18 (name + age) who will have guardian. In this way, the responsible watch commanders can get information about the guardian of the current event.  

Identification must be presented on arrival. 

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