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Here you will find answers to some common questions. If you are wondering about anything else, just get in touch on Facebook, e-mail or take a trip to the board office.  


How can I become a member of Studenthuset Meieriet? 

We use the ticket system LinTicket, which is available as an app (link) and website (link). Here  you can buy membership for a whole year or for one semester.


Problems with LinTicket?

Some times our ticket system is a bit quarrelsome. Try switching to the app / website  or wait a little while. If it does not get better, you can contact LinTicket support (link).  

Busy? It is also possible to get a friend to buy a ticket for you, and transfer it to  your name afterwards.  

What is a member guard and why do I have to have a member guard? 

As a member of Studenthuset Meieriet, you are obliged to participate in one or two member guards during the year. This means that you are working on an event, together with the volunteers at the house and other member guards, in good spirits. The dairy's event would not have been possible without the help of our members.  


One to two weeks before your member shift, you will receive an SMS with information about when we want you to work.


I have been put on a member shift, but the date does not fit.

Send an e-mail to as soon as possible, no later than 24 hours before the shift starts. Feel free to suggest a new date that suits you better.  

Sometimes it takes a while before we can remove you from the system. If you receive a message reminding you that you are on duty after you have given notice

member manager, you can just ignore this message.  


I want to join a subgroup. How do I do that?

So cool! Welcome! In some subgroups, it is a good idea to send an email to the subgroup owner . For example Kvissgruppa, Bar og Vakt and Festkultur. In the creative subgroups, it is fine to just show up at a gathering, so the subgroup leader can help you register a membership in LinTicket and add you to the Facebook group.

To be a member of a subgroup, you must have a membership at Studenthuset Meieriet. But it is of course allowed to try a couple of gongs before you decide!  

Loans from premises 

All student organizations in Sogndal can use Studenthuset Meieriet for events for students. Send an e-mail to Dagleg Leiar: with information about who dives are, what kind of activity they want to lend the house for, current times and whether they want volunteers from the Dairy to work.  

Age limit at event 

There is an age limit of 20 (18 for students) and an obligation to identify all events  unless otherwise stated. Students must be able to present a valid student ID  (eg the student ID app). You can be rejected at the door if you do not have valid identification.  


Event and infection control during the coronary pandemic

The infection control rules set limits for how many people can participate in events as well as requirements for facilitation so that everyone can keep at least one meter distance. Therefore, our event plan looks a bit different than usual, but it is still very nice to look forward to! You can read more about the upcoming event here .  

The safety of students and volunteers is very important to us. Based on guidelines from the health authorities, we have prepared infection control measures that will ensure that it is safe to be both a guest and to work with us voluntarily. Between other table service, registration of contact information for infection tracing objects and frequent washing of contact surfaces.


Here you can read more about our infection control measures.

Contact me!


Board leader

Lars Magnus Avdal

Study: Master of Science in Business


Contact me!


Shop manager

Christina Kolbu


Contact me!


Member responsible

Chris Kenneth Gudmundson
Study: History


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