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Did you know that Studenthuset Meieriet aims to improve your study quality? Or that the General Assembly is the highest body in the organization?  Or that we have a manhole cover that should be visible to all members when the office is open?

In our articles of association, you can read more about the framework for how Studenthuset Meieriet will improve your study day

§ 1 Organization
§ 2 Purpose
§ 3 Definitions
§ 4 Objective form
§ 5 Contingent
§ 6 Membership
§ 7 Volunteers
§ 8 General Meeting
§ 9 Val
§ 10 Election Committee
§ 11 The Board
§ 12 Strategy and action plan
§ 13 The divisions and subgroups
§ 14 General decision
Articles of association - briefly explained:
  • Articles of association are a form of agreement that contains basic rules for how an organization is to be run.

  • The articles of association usually specify the organizational structure, the establishment of a board, the distribution of power, the purpose of the organization and more.

§ 1 Organization

  • 1‐1 The organization's name is Studenthuset Meieriet.

  • 1-2 Studenthuset Meieriet is an independent and voluntarily run organization that will facilitate cultural activities for students in Sogndal.

  • 1-3 The organization is affiliated with the University College of Western Norway, campus Sogndal.

  • 1‐4 Studenthuset Meieriet is politically independent.

§ 2 Purpose

  • 2‐1 Studenthuset Meieriet will work to improve the quality of studies through student social activities. The purpose of the Student House Dairy is to develop the social contact between the students and the rest of the college and research community in Sogndal.

§ 3 Definitions

  • 3‐1 Member: All persons with membership rights who have paid a membership fee for the current academic year.


  • 3‐2 Certificate of membership: Digital proof of membership.


  • 3‐3 Volunteer: By volunteer is meant members who have signed a contract with Studenthuset Meieriet, and comply with the duties and rights stated in this contract.


  • 3-4 General meeting: The general meeting is the overall decision-making body of the Student House Dairy.


  • 3-5 The Board: The Board is the overriding decision-making body of the Student House Dairy between the General Meetings. The board shall take care of operations in accordance with Studenthuset Meieriet's articles of association and management documents.


  • § 3-6 Settevara: A board member who is temporarily in his position. A set item, elected by the board, does not have the right to vote.

  • 3-7 Manhole cover: The Dogs manhole cover purchased by the information manager in 2019.


§ 4. Goal form

  • 4-1 Studenthuset Meieriet is an organization that is linguistically neutral. The Student House uses Nynorsk as target form. All written material must alternate between the target forms so that neither of the two target forms is represented by less than 25 per cent. All received letters must have answers to the target form usefulness in the received letter.


§ 5. Contingent

  • 5-1 The membership fee shall be paid upon purchase of membership at Studenthuset Meieriet, cf. the purchase conditions for the different types of membership Studenthuset Meieriet offers. The membership fee shall be determined by the General Meeting every quarter.


§ 6 Membership

  • 6-1 All students, staff and board members at Høgskulen på Vestlandet (HVL), staff and board members of Studentsamskipnaden på Vestlandet (SAMAN), Vestlandsforsking and students at Sogndal Folkehøgskule who are over 18, have the right to host members of Studenthuset Meieriet. Those who has a lifelong membership must activate their membership every semester. Spouse / cohabitants of the mentioned have and have the right to host members. The student house offers half membership to foreign students and interns who are in Sogndal for parts of the year. The board may also grant membership rights to persons who wish to be a member but do not fulfill the requirements set out in this section as long as it does not contravene other articles of association.


  • 6-2 Members are all persons with membership rights, and who have paid a membership fee for the current academic year. When you take advantage of the membership benefits of Studethuset, you must show a valid membership certificate. Misuse of membership certificates leads to exclusion.


  • 6-3 All members at Studenthuset Meieriet shall participate in the membership shift once or twice during a study year. But never more than once per semester. If the membership watch is not completed, this will mean that one loses his membership. Exceptions from membership guards can be employees at HVL, Vestlandsforsking, SAMAN and lifelong members of Studenthuset Meieriet. The board is responsible for ensuring that there are specific regulations.


  • 6-4 Persons who are not members have access to some events, but listen to pay a higher ticket price than members.


  • 6-5 Everyone who has a seat on the board at Studenthuset Meieriet for an entire election period, or has been voted on at an extraordinary general meeting. Gets a lifelong membership at Studenthuset Meieriet.


  • 6-6 The board of Studenthuset Meieriet is authorized to grant lifelong membership to persons who have made a special contribution to Studenthuset Meieriet.


§ 7 Volunteers

  • 7-1 Volunteers' obligations, rights and remuneration are regulated by job descriptions according to their own guidelines. The board is responsible for the design and any changes to the position instructions in consultation with the group member.


  • 7‐2 The volunteers are organized by the board in groups that will take care of the various tasks related to the Student House Dairy.


§ 8. General meeting

  • 8-1  The general meeting is the highest body at Studenthuset Meieriet. It set up guidelines for the coming period.


  • 8-2 Everyone who can be a member (cf. § 6-1.) At Studenthuset Meieriet, has the right to attend the General Assembly. All members have the right to speak, make proposals and vote. All those present have the right to speak and can be granted the right to make proposals by a simple majority in the General Meeting.


  • 8-3 Deadlines.

The Annual General Meeting will be adjourned before the end of April.

  1. 21 days before the General Meeting, the first notice shall be sent to all members. This shall contain the date, time and information on how to submit a case proposal to the General Meeting.

  2. 14 days before the General Meeting, all matters that one wishes to raise shall be in the hands of the board.

  3. 7 days before the General Meeting, the agenda and rules of procedure must be presented.

  4. The minutes of the General Meeting shall be made public as soon as the advice after it has been approved by the signatories of the minutes, and no later than four weeks after the end of the General Meeting.


  • 8-4 Agenda

The general meeting shall deal with the following matters:

  • Election of meeting leader and speaker

  • Approval of summons and agenda

  • Annual report

  • Accounts for the previous accounting period, contingent rates in the coming period, on the recommendation of the board.

  • Amendments to the articles of association.

  • Approval of the board's report from the work on the action plan.

  • Approval of action plan for the coming board period

  • Choice of:

    • Board leader

    • Nestleiar

    • Finance manager

    • Board Member Event

    • Board member Operations

    • Board Member Information

    • Board member Creative

  • Incoming cases.


  • 8-5 Extraordinary General Meeting

  1. The board may convene an extraordinary general meeting.

  2. At least 10% of the members, by written application, may demand that the board convene an extraordinary general meeting.

  3. Requirements for extraordinary general meetings shall include an overview of which matters require handsaming. If it is not stated which matters are to be dealt with, the requirement for an extraordinary General Meeting will not be regarded as valid.

  4. The board convenes an extraordinary general meeting with at least two weeks' notice.

  5. Extraordinary General Meetings shall only deal with the matter (s) that make an extraordinary general meeting necessary.

  6. If a requirement for an extraordinary General Meeting is regarded as valid, the board shall convene an extraordinary General Meeting without undue delay.


§ 9 Val

  • 9‐1 All members are eligible for election, unless otherwise stated in the articles of association or mandate.


  • 9‐2 Selection mode

  1. All choices are personal choices. Block selection is not allowed.

  2. No candidate can be promoted against his will. If the candidate is not present during the election, confirmation of the candidacy must be submitted to the board before the General Meeting

  3. Elections can be conducted in writing, or by acclamation if there is only one candidate.

  4. If the election is invalid, a new election must take place.


  • 9‐3 Election method for written election:

If the election is conducted in writing, a ballot paper will be used, and votes will be cast after the candidates have been presented. Only nominated candidates can be entered on the ballot paper.

Candidates you want to vote for host write on the ballot paper in priority order and numbered 1, 2, 3 etc .., where 1 is the highest priority. Ballot papers containing names other than the candidates' and unnumbered ballot papers will be cast.

When counting, the first priority is given weights 1/1, 2. Prioritization weights 1/3, 3. prioritization weights 1/5, 4. Prioritization weights 1/7, 5. Etc.

The number sequence that will be useful for prioritization is  Ie. that the number 1 is divided by ladders with 2 for each priority.

The weights are summed up to the candidates' votes. The candidate with the highest number of votes is elected. In the event of a tie, the election shall be held again. If there is still a tie after the second round of voting, the election will be decided by drawing lots.


  • 9‐4 Candidates for office must have at least 1/3 of the votes to be elected.


  • 9-5  If the General Meeting is not allowed to elect persons to one or more positions on the board, the General Meeting has the option of inserting a sitting item in the missing position or positions. It can not sit more than three seats at a time in a board.


§ 10 Election Committee

  • 10-1 The board shall, before the end of February, set up an Election Committee to prepare for election at the General Meeting. If supplementation is needed for the board in November / December, the board will appoint an election committee in October.


  • 10-2 Composition

The Nomination Committee shall be composed of:

  • At least two representatives from a quarter of the sexes

  • A first-year student

  • A subgroup leader

  • A representative from an external student organization in Sogndal.

  • The current board shall be represented on the nomination committee.

The nomination committee constitutes itself, and at the first meeting there will be a choice of chair for the nomination committee.

  • §10-3  The Nomination Committee shall, no later than 9 days before the General Meeting has submitted to the Board, lists of relevant candidates for the various board positions. All current and interested candidates must be on the list. The nomination committee ranks these at its own discretion. The general meeting may demand a written election.

  • 10-4 Election Committee for Election

The Nomination Committee cannot stand for election.


  • 10-5 Report

Two weeks after the general meeting, the nomination committee shall submit an evaluation report of its work.


§ 11 The Board

  • 11-1 Operating time

Board members are elected for one year. Board members who wish to remain on the board for a longer period may, at their own request, stand for election for a period of one or two semesters. Board members elected at the general meeting take office on 1 June. Board members who resign from the position after the spring semester will remain in the position until 31 May. Board members who resign from the board during the autumn semester sit in the position until and including 14 January where this is possible.


  • 11-2 The board consists of:

    • Board leader

    • Nestleiar

    • Finance manager

    • Board Member Event

    • Board member Operations

    • Board Member Information

    • Board member Creative


  • 11-3 Mynde

The board is the highest body between the General Meetings and shall ensure that resolutions passed at the General Meeting are implemented. The board makes decisions by a simple majority. Each of the board members has one vote. In the event of an equal number of votes, the leader has a double vote.


  • 11‐4 If a board member resigns from the board, the board has the opportunity to insert an item until the next ordinary General Meeting.


§ 12 Strategy and Action Plan

  • 12-1 Strategy Plan

Studenthuset Meieriet will operate according to a long-term strategy plan. This will be rolled out at the General Meeting every quarter of a year.

Changes in the strategy plan will be up for decision at the general meeting.


  • 12-2 Action Plan

The board of Studenthuset Meieriet will work according to an action plan. This must be rolled at the general meeting every quarter of a year

§ 13 The Divisions and Subgroup

  • 13-1-1 Divisions

Studenthuset Meieriet has 4 divisions. These are:

  • Operations Division

  • Event Division

  • Information Division

  • Creative Division


  • 13-1-2

The tenants for the divisions are; Board Member Operations, Board Member Events, Board Member Information and Board Member Creative. These have the main operational responsibility and the financial follow-up responsibility for the divisions at the Student House.


  • 13-1-3

The tenants for the divisions are also responsible for initiating and facilitating new activities that naturally fall under the divisions.


  • 13-1-4

Subgroup leaders are democratically elected by a simple majority of the members of the subgroup, and then approved by the board. UGL Booking, Member responsible and UGL Bar- og Vaktgjengen are elected directly by the board at Studenthuset Meieriet.


  • 13-1-5

The tenants of the divisions have the right to attend and speak at all meetings in the division's subgroups.


  • 13-2 Operations Division

  • 13-2-1

The Operations Division has these subgroups:

  • The bar and guard gang

  • The café gang

  • The Sound and Light Gang

  • Caretaker group

  • DJ group

The Operations Division also has a Member Manager.


  • 13-2-2

The tenants for the subgroups in the Operations Division have been appointed by and have the financial responsibility to the board. The tenants are in collaboration with Board member Operations responsible for recruitment and the daily operation of the subgroups.


  • 13-3 Division Events

  • 13-3-1

The Events Division has these subgroups:

  • Booking / artist host

  • The party culture gang

  • The quiz gang



  • 13-3-2

The tenants for the subgroups in the Event Division have been appointed by and have the financial responsibility to the board. The tenants are in collaboration with Board Member Arrangement responsible for recruitment and the daily operation of the subgroups.


  • 13-4 Creative Division

  • 13-4-1

The Creative Division has these subgroups:

  • Band group

  • Dance group

  • Meiograph

  • Role play

  • Song

  • Improv


  • 13-4-2

The tenants for the subgroups in the Creative Division are appointed by and have the financial responsibility to the board. The tenants are in collaboration with Board member Kreativ responsible for recruitment and the daily operation of the subgroups.


  • 13-5 Division Information

  • 13-5-1

The Information Division has these subgroups:

  • Blest

  • IT group


  • 13-5-2

The tenants of the subgroups in the Information Division are appointed by and have the financial responsibility to the board. The tenants are in collaboration with Board member Information responsible for recruitment and the daily operation of the subgroups.


  • 13-6 Division meeting

Each division, with all associated subgroup leaders and associated board members, shall also have division meetings. The division meeting will function as an idea and information forum.


  • 13-7 Evaluation Seminar

At the end of the quarter, the board shall convene all subgroup leaders to a joint evaluation seminar where the last six months have been thoroughly evaluated. This seminar should also make plans for the next six months.


§ 14 General decision

  • 14-1 Exclusions

No members of, or sympathizers of, organizations that stand for a clearly Nazi, racist or discriminatory stance, have the right to become members of the Student House. The Board has the right to exclude members who have such a position, and individuals who stand for or express Nazi, racist or discriminatory positions.


  • 14-2 Amendments to the Articles of Association

Amendments to the articles of association must be approved by the General Meeting and must be made by a 2/3 majority. The general meeting decides the time when the amendments to the articles of association are to take effect, and no later than 6 months after the general meeting. Amendments to the articles of association that members will propose at the General Meeting must be sent to the daily management no later than 14 days before the General Meeting. Only amendments to the articles of association that have been submitted before this deadline can be taken up at the General Meeting.


  • 14-3 The manhole cover

The manhole cover is easily visible to most active people during office hours, if the manhole cover is to be stored in a place where it is not visible, it can only be done by a majority at the General Assembly.


  • 14-4 Resolution

Dissolution of Studenthuset Meieriet can only take place with a 3/4 majority at the General Assembly. In that case, the assets will go to the Student Parliament in Western Norway, North Region, for the benefit of the students in Sogndal's welfare.


  • 14-5 Implementation

These articles of association enter into force on 10 April 2019, and replace old articles of association from that time.

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