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Studenthuset Meieriet follows the government's and health authorities' recommendations and guidelines. Here you will find relevant laws and regulations that apply to Studenthuset Meieriet:


Applicable to the Dairy from 16 April:  

  • Seating for all guests, with table service.

  • Pouring stop at 22.00.

  • Serving alcohol only to those who are served food.

    • The Norwegian Directorate of Health: ​ One can not order a small dish and then continue to drink all the rest of the evening. The purpose is to be able to drink alcohol in connection with a meal

  • At least 1 meter distance between guests outside the same household.

  • Contact information must be registered for those guests who agree to it.

  • A maximum of 100 people at indoor events where everyone in the audience sits on fixed, assigned seats.

  • Maximum 10 people at indoor events without fixed allocated seats in rented premises. Maximum 20 people outdoors.


Here's how we make it safe for you:  

  • All volunteers at the house wear face masks at work. 

  • We make sure that admissions and discharges take place in a controlled manner, where guests who come together / are in the same cohort are admitted in batches. 

  • We register contact information for all guests under the arrangement. 

  • There is a distance of at least 1 meter between guests.

  • We wash contact surfaces where the point of contact is frequent. 

  • Antibak should be easily accessible throughout the house

  • We have table service where guests will sit in fixed designated places during the event.

  • We do not serve alcohol beyond the meal.  


Here's how to make it safe for us:  ​

  • We encourage all guests to wear a face mask when entering and exiting. 

  • Respect your regular designated space during the event.

    • Guests who do not comply with this will be expelled from the event.

  • Stay home if you are sick.

  • Remember to keep your distance from others.

  • Have good hand hygiene.

  • Only guests residing in Sogdnal municipality can participate in our events.  



No local action at the moment.  


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