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Membership in Studenthuset Meieriet follows semesters at HVL. Full-year membership lasts from August to June, but it is also possible to buy membership for only one semester (half-year membership).

You buy the membership on LinTicket ( here ). It costs NOK 200 for one semester and NOK 300 for an entire school year.

Tips! Connect your membership to the student ID app by registering the number on the back of your student card in LinTicket

Why become a member?

Studenthuset Meieriet is much more than a nightclub. As a member, you not only get discounted tickets to events, but also the opportunity to join one (or more!) Of our subgroups (link). For example Vaktmeistergjengen, Dans, Meiografen (makes podcasts), DJ, Bar & Vakt or Blest (photo and PR). You also get discounts and good offers from our partners (link). It always comes in handy when the student budget is to stretch!


Member guard

As a member of the Dairy, you are obliged to participate in one or two member guards during the year, a maximum of one per semester. This means that you are working on an event, together with the volunteers at the house and other member guards. The dairy's event would not have been possible without the help of our members. This evening you work for the others who are out, while the others will work the next time you go out.

Here you can read more about "member guard" .

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