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Band group

We are the Dairy's hobby rock stars! With us you get access to a front rehearsal room,
full of instrument and equipment. As a member of the band group, you get the chance to show off
bandstand, either as part of a band, or as a solo artist. All of this is available if you are
member of the Dairy. Join our musical environment!
Whether you are looking for a place to rehearse, refine your solo act, or find a band, you can
you join the band group and find what you are looking for. In the band group we have room for everyone
musical souls, regardless of skill level! Several times a year we arrange Bandstand at
The dairy, where we in the band group get the chance to show what we have practiced, whether it is
self-produced material or cover songs.

Benefits you get as a member of the band group are:

  •   Access to own rehearsal rooms

  •   Use the band room, full of instruments and equipment

  • Show yourself at Bandstand

  • Active parties and Christmas dinner at the Dairy

  • Opportunity to rent the canteen at the Dairy for private events

  • A social gathering place with like-minded people

Band group good luck in the band room, on the third floor of the Dairy. Here we have a wide selection of
equipment and instrument for a diversity of musical engagement. As a member of the band group
you can use the rehearsal room freely as often as you wish throughout the year! If any of the equipment
is in condition, or has a wish for a supplement to the room, you just give a sound to the leader,
so fix it.
The band group has its own budget which alone goes to social activities for its own
members. This can be anything from cinema visits to excursions or wine and vinyl evenings. As
member of the band group, you also get the chance to participate in active parties and the annual Christmas table
at Studenthuset Dairy.
Join the dive in the Facebook group « Bandgruppa Meieriet » for more information, access to
booking of the room and to get in touch with other music enthusiasts.

Here is an insight into what we have to offer:



Magnus Drægni Mæland

Study: Primary school teachers 5-10

Do you want to book our band room?

Then the following applies to you!
- You must be a member of Studenthuset Meieriet
- You must be a member of the band group
- You must be in the band room before opening time

Opening hours indicate that someone must be at the house who has the opportunity to lock you in. Office hours are 14:00 - 18:00.
If you are in the band room after office hours (18:00), you can be told to end the rehearsal if it disturbs the event downstairs.

Here is an insight into what we have to offer:

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