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In this division you will find those who arrange large and small events at the house.

Everything from big concerts to karaoke and kviss.

Contact me!


Silje Pedersen

Study: Education

+47 46932036

Foto Mikel Gonsholt-0413.jpg

The artist hosts

The artist hosts are the group for those who wish to get up close to the artists who play at the Dairy. The members of this group act as hosts for artists and ensure that they have a great time during their stay.


Therese Langeland

Image by Jon Tyson

The quiz gang

The quiz group organizes the extremely popular quiz evenings at the Dairy. Our aim is that no quiz night should be the same as another, and is therefore looking for people with different interests to create and present quizzes for a full student house.

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+47 41507704

Odd Bjarte Ringstad

+47 41571796

Ola Høyvik

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