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The dairy is a student house and concert stage in Sogndal, and opened its doors for the first time in November 1998. DumDum Boys had the honor of playing the first notes on the newly baked stage.

Before the Dairy opened, the students had used what now goes by the name Gamlekroa, which had a total capacity of 123 people, and a ceiling height of about 2 meters. The students cheer for the opening of a massive house with 1000 sqm of boltre space! The dairy takes its name from the building's use in the old days, when it was actually a dairy.

The students have taken over the building

Since then, the Dairy has been used by the students in Sogndal for many things. The student community in Sogndal has since the opening been responsible for the operation of the house. Thousands of hours of volunteer labor are put into the house every quarter of a year. In 2015, the Student Society in Sogndal changed its name to Studenthuset Meieriet.

One of the country's best student scenes

During the short, but very ambitious lifespan, the Dairy has established itself as one of the country's best student scenes, and was named 'Organizer of the Year 2004' by Rikskonsertane. We are of course very proud of this!

Whether you are a former student, new student or local resident in Sogndal, the intention is that the Dairy will give you great music experiences and a good nightlife offer.

Since the opening, several great artists have put their love on stage in the small village, and the Dairy has become a natural stopping point for artists on tour. Over the years, the students have had great concert experiences from, among others, Kent, Kaizers Orchestra, Xzibit, Karpe Diem and Nico & Vinz.

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